Resource Spotlight: Telecom Expense Management Case Studies

Valicom serves clients in a wide range of industries across the U.S. We help them reduce their telecom expenses with a winning combination of exceptional people, highly structured telecom audit processes and sophisticated computing and reporting systems.

Many of Valicom’s clients are leading companies in their respective industries, and the case studies shown here are just a small sampling of the many great success stories our clients have enjoyed since 1991. All clients featured in our case studies continue to benefit from an ongoing relationship with Valicom.

Knowledge is power! An organization in your industry vertical is already harnessing the power of telecom expense management. See how they have made an impact on their organization with telecom savings.

Success Stories

Health Care: This client 's telecom environment was large and complex, including $2.5 million in annual spend spread across 42 locations. The client was struggling to manage invoices for accurate and timely payment. Mergers and acquisitions of new clinics and facilities added complexity and growing pains to their efforts.

Energy Management: The energy management client approached Valicom with a desire to optimize and organize their telecom spend across 200+ locations. Their initial needs included an inventory audit, centralized invoice processing, and wireless optimization.

Manufacturing: This client faced several wireless management challenges, including controlling international calling costs, identifying zero-use assets, managing ex-employees and staying within spend tolerances. Their wireless contracts were also ready to come due, presenting an opportunity to optimize their environment to better match their future services with their precise needs – at a good price.

Hospitality: The hospitality client approached Valicom in need of a large scale, comprehensive WAN audit and inventory overhaul. With a multi-million annual telecom spend, the client was having a hard time accounting for, and controlling their budget year over year

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