2015 Telecom Expense Management Trend

TEM Awareness

As discussed in our webinar last month – one of our predictions for 2015 is increased demand for TEM. Here’s some of our high-level points we covered in the webinar.

The AOTMP (define) estimates that 10-15% of all telecom carrier invoices have some sort of error in them. What impact do you think this has on your telecom spending? Are you missing out on critical savings because of the carrier’s errors?

Previously there was some misconception about TEM. It was viewed as this last-ditched effort to save a company from going under. Similar to trying to fund a college education from coins between the couch cushions. But that’s not to say there are not significant savings to be found with TEM. We conservatively estimate that we can save an organization 10-35% of their entire telecom budget through proactive management and monitoring.

Our goal is position TEM as a piece of the financial health puzzle. To reposition it as proactive financial planning and health of an organization. Tackling TEM sooner will allow you budget more accurately, negotiate better rates, recoup credits, and disconnect unused lines.

Here’s a few signs it might be time for TEM:

1. Merger or Acquisition

2. Increasing telecom expenses

3. Added Complexity to your environment (ex: you just added BYOD to your telecom mix)

4. Employee Transition

5. Unsure of actual costs

TEM is a unique offering for consultants, and our Partner Program is a great resource for businesses interested in adding the offering to their suite of services. The growth of TEM awareness in 2015 will add substantial business to our partner’s business.