TEM White Papers

Whether you are new to TEM, or a seasoned pro – there’s always more to learn about telecom. As the industry shifts, and technology changes – we must arm ourselves with knowledge to remain agile. Today we wanted to share some of our best telecom expense management (TEM) resources.

Executive’s Role in Telecom – How can the C-Suite leverage telecom expense management to create a competitive advantage for their organization? We explain in our latest white paper in partnership with TEMIA.

Five Questions for Better Telecom Expense Management – Do you know if you are getting the biggest bang for your telecom buck? The truth is you could be spending hundreds to thousands of dollars more than you need to be every year on your telecom expenses.

Top Reasons Firms Outsource Telecom Expense Management – The reasons CIOs, IT and Telecom managers opt to outsource telecom expense management range, but most have to do with the age old concern of limited resources and showing value for money spent.

BYOD Do’s and Don’ts – After adopting BYOD programs, 69% of enterprises find mobile service costs either rise or stay the same. Access research from telecom association, TEMIA.

Show Me Where It Hurts: Telecom Pain Points – Companies seek telecommunications management solutions because something hurts. They are losing money, time or control and are seeking a cure.

Access these and all of our white papers in our White Paper Library. We publish new telecom expense management resources frequently.  Access our Resource Center to discover case studies, recorded webinars, and blog posts. Education and knowledge is the key to proper and proactive TEM.