The Keys to TEM Success in Mid-Sized Businesses

Sometimes it seems that only the big guys are proactively managing their telecom expense management (TEM). I’m talking about the multi-billion dollar organizations, the guys with the big telecom budgets including many thousands wirelines. They have the time and resources to be tracking expenses, line usage, allocating costs – right? It may surprise you that they aren’t always doing TEM in house. They just have the telecom environment and spends large enough to warrant the effort and management.

But what about the little guys? What’s sad is that most small and mid-sized organization have not deployed internal or external TEM. Usually because they aren’t aware that TEM is a thing (it most certainly is!), or they don’t have the staff to manage it. That’s where a TEM firm, like Valicom, and telecom consultants come in. We can affordably fill the gaps you are missing internally, and assist your organization in taking the reins of telecom expenses.

The AOTMP wrote about it recently ‘There is a common perception of great effort and cost than financial gain, causing small and medium sized businesses to shy away from implementing a TEM program.’

So today we’re encouraging our small and mid-sized business friends to give TEM another moment of consideration. How much are you spending annually on telecom costs? Do you even know? These should be major flags that it’s time to consider TEM.