Training on Your Terms: TEM Trends 2015

Now available! TEM Training on your time. Our latest webinar is now available to stream live.

Last week we had a great turnout for our webinar “TEM in 2015: Trends, Tools and Opportunities”. We shared our predictions and projections for telecom in 2015. What is changing, how can organizations prepare, and what things should be priorities this year?

TEM in 2015: Trends, Tools and Opportunities
Remaining agile. It’s what the entire webinar was about. We covered changes in mobile complexity, IT & telecom spending changes, awareness of TEM across the board, and the demand for audits. Learn what organizations with large telecom environments should be anticipating this year.

From in depth audits and inventories, to changes to mobile complexity, there’s no denying telecom continues to be a complicated and ever changing environment. Learn to identify and take action on these opportunities in our webinar.

Case studies along the way demonstrate how clients leverage our TEM experts to navigate the changing tide of telecom. If you’re interested in remaining agile in 2015, this 30-minute webinar is just for you.