Mobile Security Considerations [Infographic]

Mobile Malware and Security Threats

It’s seriously something we don’t want to think about. Ever.

Our mobile devices have all of our personal info, saved passwords, access to our bank accounts, credit cards, personal photos… the list goes on and on. We keep our phones by our sides, protecting them from outside forces – but what about what’s happening on the inside (and in software)? How much control do you actually have?

According to French telecom equipment company, Alcatel-Lucent, over 15 million mobile devices are infected with malware – and that number is growing by 20% each year. According to McAfee, it’s typically Android devices that are targeted and easily accessible. The malware is accessed by visiting a website or downloading 3rd party apps. Good news to Apple users. While Android represents 99% of all mobile malware, iOS devices remain largely untouched.

Standalone antivirus applications are largely losing the battle against attacks. It’s what prompted Alcatel-Lucent to build a mobile malware security platform.

Here’s a few more stats about mobile malware and the security of your device:

Mobile Security Considerations

Mobile security is a consideration we should all be making, especially in organizations with large mobile environments with many individual devices (or BYOD). This infographic was originally posted on LightReading. If you’re interested in learning more about mobile malware, see another great article, here.