Tracking and Controlling Mobile Costs

Earlier this week we talked about data overages and throttling. Today is all about tracking those variable costs, controlling and optimizing usage. We all know how quickly variable cellular costs can add up. And then it comes as a complete surprise when you get the invoice in the mail.

Unlimited Calls and Texts – Ouch.

Data overages – Ayy.

Downloads, Ringtones, Unauthorized Charges – Eee! Those bills hurt.

Here’s a major crash and burn scenario. Compound that out-of-control cellular bill month over month – and imagine that no one is actively checking them or the bill is paid automatically. How does that one feel?

Part of active telecom expense management is dealing with these unwieldy wireless costs. Our TEM tool, Clearview, allows maximum visibility for what is being charged, when, and where. We house all of the detailed billing information in one place, that can be accessed by your team. Think of it like a one-stop-shop for all of your wireless costs, contracts, and usage information. This information can be viewed in the dashboard, or downloaded for further reporting purposes. It will make catching these painful costs easier, before they spiral out of control.

Quick tips for managing wireless costs:

  • Remove unused devices from your plan
  • Review invoices for unauthorized charges
  • Implement a wireless policy
  • Pool everything (minutes, data)
  • Negotiate! You have more leverage than you think

See more of our thoughts and tips for combating variable cellular costs in our ‘4 Tips for Managing Your Wireless Costs’ white paper.

When you’re ready to take control of your wireless environment, request a demo with our mobile expense management experts.