Back to Basics: Wireline and Wireless Optimization

Wireless and Wireline Optimization

It’s such a magical and mysterious word. Let the Valicom team take the mysticism out of optimization. Step by step, our team will lead you through what is actually involved in optimizing your wireless and wireline environments. What is there to gain financially? Some estimate 10-15% right out of the door. Which leads to, what is there lose within your environment – ie: how many lines can be disconnected or consolidated?

The AOTMP released a new white paper this month focused entirely on the many facets of optimization. If you haven’t already accessed it, we would highly recommend downloading it.  Here’s the link: Maximizing Telecom and Network Optimization

One thing that caught our eyes are the sub-activities involved in optimization. Here’s a snapshot from the white paper:

Are you currently engaging in any of these optimization activities? Are these items on your wishful to do list? Perhaps it’s time to tap a TEM team to assist you in jump starting an optimization effort in 2016.

Keeping the facts and figures of optimization in mind… it’s good to note that optimization is not the silver bullet for a controlled telecom environment. Instead it is one piece of the puzzle. Paired with invoice auditing, contract negotiation, and bill pay – our clients are saving money each and every month. Through a comprehensive approach to TEM, they are reaching higher levels of control and ultimately a lean and optimized telecom environment.

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