Q4 Telecom Trends: End of the Year Upgrades!

Tis the Season! Holiday promotions are floating through the air. What are we seeing as the year winds down? Wireless plan upgrades, tons of contracts coming up for renewal, and an abundance of new devices being activated. Let’s dive in:

Wireless Plan Upgrades: The latest spiffs, deals and promotions are rolling in. New wireless plan options are always bubbling up. What we see most often in an effort to optimize plans across the organization, is pooling minutes and data for streamlined billing at a lower price point. What’s trending lately? Unlimited voice and messaging, with a shared data pool. Read more of our thoughts on pooling minutes, data and voice in our ‘Wireless Data Pooling Demands Strong Mobile Optimization’ blog.

Contract Renewals: Often the end of the year marks the end of a telecom contact. What is your plan for these contract renewals? Will you let them automatically renew without further review or negotiation? Or will you take this opportunity to get better rates? The time to start considering these renewals is always now. Clearview offers a simple notification system alert for upcoming contract renewals. It will keep you on your toes and prepared for upcoming opportunities for savings.  See all of the managed contract services we offer clients.

Device Activations: Samsung Galaxy 5, iPhone 6 Plus, HTC One… oh my! Put a little jingle in your mingle this season with a new shiny toy. The holiday season brings all sorts of promotions touting the newest mobile devices. Will your employees have the chance to upgrade and have a new device? Frequently leftover money in the telecom budget is spent upgrading devices before the end of the year.

Are you navigating these waters this month? Lean on Valicom to assist you in taking a proactive stance on telecom initiatives in 2016. We’ll assist you to gain clarity in your current spend and make educated decisions in the coming year.