10 Reasons for TEM

Let’s face it – keeping an eye on expenses and use of resources is one of the top priorities of any company, no matter the size or industry vertical. Attaining this level efficiency and transparency can be a difficult task. Delegating all or a portion of managing telecommunication and technology expenses would remove a lot of burden from your shoulders. In this blog learn the top 10 reasons IT and Finance Directors are choosing TEM (telecom or technology expense management).

No matter the size or complexity of your technology environment, there is a TEM solution for you. Whether or not your company supplies all devices for employee use, all devices are employee owned, or some combination, these recommendations apply. It is probably past time for your company to reduce the expense of all things relating to telecommunication – wireless, devices, services – but it is never too late to get a handle on it!

Did you know that, historically speaking, companies are charged incorrect amounts for their devices and services provided? And, more often than not, companies are overcharged. Have you seen a recent invoice? Do you understand all the line items, or is it basically one general and confusing stack of papers that ends with the amount due?

ONE. Know What You Have

An amazing challenge to any budget is to catalog assets and understand the cost of each line item. Without a complete and comprehensive understanding of your environment, you are sending money into a black hole. How can you possibly understand how much anything costs and whether or not a device is still in use? TEM software, like Clearview, keeps it all organized and centrally located.

TWO. Organization Of Assets

Knowing what you have, you can spend a lot less time figuring out what needs to be disconnected and what old equipment should be replaced. You’d be surprised how often organizations overlook disconnected or underutilized assets.

THREE. See Variances in Your Monthly Bill

Getting back to that black hole and overcharges, with TEM, you can truly see where the money goes each month and how it changes over time. This is a big ticket item for the top 10 reasons for TEM. Save time and energy by noting the unusual upticks in your costs and disputing things that don’t quite add up.

FOUR. Reducing Overhead

One favorite is the identification of over spending and cost savings. With a handle on the above, you can more easily grasp what savings can be realized. Disconnects that never got processed? Devices sitting dormant in desk drawers? Properly turn off the pieces of the environment that aren’t being used. Because when devices drop out, so should the wireless services to them.

FIVE. Contract Savings

With the knowledge of all the assets and costs associated with them, you can now decide where to optimize. Engage our team to run a contract validation project. Then leverage our pool of benchmarked pricing data and renegotiate your contracts for better rates.

SIX. Ease Up on Data Entry

Do you like poring over information and manually entering data on a spreadsheet? This particular chore can be completely removed from your To Do List. Focus on what is important – the company. Let Valicom ‘host and load’ all of your invoice data into Clearview.

SEVEN. Sharing Information In Real Time

Have you ever heard someone ask another, “Do you have the latest revision of the spreadsheet?” Well, the time wasted for finding up-to-date files is no longer an issue. Clearview allows telecom invoice and contract information to be shared with multiple groups in a central repository.

EIGHT. Transparency

Cost allocation allows maximum transparency into your spend. Who or what department / location is responsible for which charges? How have those charges changed over time. Proper cost allocation makes transparency and billing responsibility a snap.

NINE. Automate Bill Pay

Cut one check per month for all of your telecom invoices. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it?  No matter how many pages of invoices, or how many carriers you utilize, with Valicom’s automatic bill pay – you cut just one check (or ACH) per month.

TEN. Make Wise Choices

Making the final item on the top 10 reasons for TEM, create an environment that allows for quick decision making. With access to all the information needed, choices can be made that make sense and save the company a great deal of money.

Do yourself a favor, add TEM to your to-do list in 2016. Find out just how much money and man hours you can save each month! Contact our team to get started.