Increase IT & Telecom Team Productivity

Find savings and efficiency with TEM Practices

When it comes to IT, maximizing every minute matters. The phone is ringing off the hook for new work stations that need to be set up, or pesky iPhone meets Microsoft Exchange issues…. The last thing your team needs is to be bogged down by time consuming telecom tasks.

Increasing efficiency and creating processes that work for everyone is essential in IT. Here’s our take on some of the easiest upgrades for your productivity in telecom processes.

Streamline Invoice Review

Hundreds or even thousands of pages of invoices arrive at your department each month. Whose task is it to review and double check these line items? If the answer is ‘no one’ or ‘a quick glance, sometimes’… you are missing errors every month. It is our experiences that roughly 35% of all telecom invoices have some sort of error hiding in in them. Whether that error represents $25 or $2500, these errors add up quickly. See our infographic for more stats about invoice errors and how on-going audits can save your IT team major time and money.

Manage by Variance

Tap into Clearview, Valicom’s TEM engine, to access advanced and customized reporting of your technology spend. What does that mean to you?  Transparency, plain and simple. Reporting through Clearview will help you better understand your organization’s environment, spend and how it changes month by month. You’ll see when red flags arise, and be able to adjust usage or request credits quickly. Advanced reporting makes budgeting and forecasting for the coming year a breeze.

Pay Bills With a Single Click

Cutting checks month after month takes time and energy away from your other IT tasks. Valicom’s automatic bill pay makes paying invoices as painless as possible. Our team will make sure your invoices get paid correctly and on time, every single month. What’s more, we cut a single check for each invoice – leaving no room for error or confusion on the carrier’s side. Learn more about the many benefits of automatic bill pay in our video.

Telecom expense management experts, Valicom, can help your IT team increase productivity and efficiency within your telecom environment. Lean on our team for the assistance you need in navigating the complexities of telecom, wireless, and technology expense management. You may be missing critical opportunities to save time and money.