Tricks & Treats of TEM

With Halloween coming up what better opportunity to share some of the sneaky tricks and sweet treats of TEM practices…or the lack there of!


Endless Invoices: Drowning in paper work? Now add a few thousand-page invoices to the mix. Now that’s scary. The telecom invoices arrive each month at your office, and it’s hard to know where to start. Look to a TEM expert to sift through your invoices and find the really important information…and errors.

Billing Errors: Are you even seeing the errors popping up on your invoices? Some of the most common include third party billing, slamming and cramming, and unprocessed disconnects. See some of the most common billing errors in our latest Infographic.

Creepy Crawlers: Your Time, Energy, and Resources:  Last but certainly not last is your team’s workload. Often TEM falls at the bottom of the list for IT and AP teams. These departments simply do not have the time, energy or expertise to be properly managing and actively controlling telecom spend. That’s why so many of our clients tap us, to lean on our team of experts for solid TEM practices. In the process of adding better control to telecom spend, organizations that lean on Valicom for TEM free up internal resources to focus on their own businesses.


Automatic Bill Pay: How many invoices need paying every month? How many checks need to be cut? Consolidate your telecom invoice payment with Valicom’s Bill Pay services. See how it works in our video.

Dedicated Software: One dedicated place for all of your telecom invoice, contracts and billing information. Meet Clearview, Valicom’s web-based TEM tool. Available for an unlimited amount of users at your organization. Learn more about Clearview, here.

On-Going Audits: There are two distinct types of telecom audits. There is the cursory (one-time) audit and the comprehensive (on-going) audit. The comprehensive audit is Valicom’s wheelhouse. Why? It’s the place we see our clients having the most success and satisfaction.  Find long-term savings and optimization with monthly audits and credit requests. Read more about the bountiful benefits of an on-going audit.

Ready to add some ammunition to your TEM efforts? Consider adding a team of telecom experts to your processes. We’ll arm you with the tools, knowledge and resources to navigate the tricks and treats of TEM.

Happy Halloween!