TEM In Hospitality: A Case Study

Now that the Summer has cooled down, we’re gearing up for a Fall full of resources. This week is all about success stories, and today’s topic is hospitality.

Hospitality is one of Valicom’s largest verticals. These companies usually have many locations and devices which leaves rooms for mistakes, resulting in money loss. With TEM services our hospitality clients have discovered large savings.

This hospitality client approached our team in need of a large scale, comprehensive WAN audit and inventory overhaul. With a multi-million annual telecom spend, the client was having a hard time accounting for, and controlling their budget year over year.

The following is an outline of a case study where, when faced with a $15M over expenditure, this hospitality client decided it was time to control their WAN inventory and costs.

Quick Facts

Industry: Hospitality
Annual Telecom Spend: Exceeding $25M
Services & Savings:

  • WAN inventory: $1.2M
  • Cost Allocation: $5M+

Total Savings: $6.2M and counting!

The client’s initial focus was their WAN inventory and accounts. After a detailed inventory was created to gain visibility into what was being spent, and where, our team moved on to find larger savings (to the tune of $5M) through better cost allocation. The client maintains their own invoicing through our web-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) tool Clearview. Read all of the details in the full case study.

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