The Complexity of Wireless Expense Management: BYOD - MDM - EMM

Mobile continues to get more complex.

There’s no denying it, and frankly there’s no outlook for less complexity anytime soon. The capabilities of our mobile devices changes ten-fold with every new release, new app, new features. We will cover changes in the mobile environment in depth in our upcoming webinar, “TEM Trends for 2015: Opportunities, Tools and Trends“.

What we worried about in the past:

  • Text or minute overages
  • Replacement costs
  • BYOD – should we or shouldn’t we?
  • What we worry about today:
  • App security
  • Email / Data security
  • Lost or stolen devices

Looking forward

As we look towards 2015 and mobile continually becomes more complex – it’s time to start actively choosing the mobile solution that fits our organization. This involves planning for how a mobile plan will be funded, structured and implemented, while anticipating potential problems and navigating challenges along the way. Before you dive too deeps, here’s a few definitions we thought might be helpful when shopping around for mobile options:

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Policies put in place by employers to compensate employees for their usage of personal devices at work. Many considerations are being made for security of enterprise data on personal devices, and the on-going support of these devices.

MDM – Mobile Device Management

Can mean many things to many organizations, depending on their individual needs. For some it means a device that only accesses their proprietary application. For others it means call and text notifications are disabled while driving.

EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management

The whole sche-bang. It’s the plan for device procurement, set up, delivery, trouble shooting, plan management, app and email management. Wow-wee!

Gartner says 90% of organizations will support some aspect of BYOD by 2017. But it’s all about balance. Gartner said companies need to find the right level of support for BYOD programs to take advantage of the potential cost savings. Beyond the hardware, companies have to set the appropriate level of reimbursement for voice and data costs. These programs today have varying degrees of maturity, but the firm predicts that by 2018 there will be twice as many employee-owned devices used for work than enterprise-owned devices.

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