Unlock Savings: White Paper Now Available

Now available! Valicom’s ‘Unlock Savings: Finding Telecom Inefficiencies’ white paper is now available for download. Skim the telecom resource for tips for improved processes in your telecom environment. We’ll cover a few of the critical inefficiencies and areas for improvement we see again and again.

From financial, technical and operational processes, we’ve got the keys for unlocking opportunities for savings. Begin proactively controlling your telecom costs by updating your work flows and procedures.

“There are a few key areas for improvement in telecom operations and contracts that many organizations miss. Our goal is to help these organizations struggling with their telecom or IT budgets, to identify and take action in the areas with the highest return.” says Jeff Poirior, Valicom President and COO,  “With this white paper, we hope to offer insight into a proactive and efficient approach to telecom expense control.”

This white paper is recommended for anyone looking to dive deeper into their telecom spend, and free up additional time and resources.


White Paper at a Glance

Financial – Contract negotiation is the easiest way to save money on your telecom costs. It may seem simple, but your goal is to get the most flexible and most competitive contract. Leverage a TEM team for access to benchmarked pricing, or hand all of your RFP and contract negotiation over to the experts.

Technological – Most telecom invoices and billing processes are still being managed in Excel spreadsheets. Is this you? It might be time to put some new tools in your tool box. What we see most often are organizations that don’t know a specific telecom expense management software exists, or they built something many years ago and it hasn’t been updated since.

Operational – Cost allocation is one of many opportunities for streamlined TEM and WEM. No longer is it a question of ‘who is going to pay for this?’. Cost allocation is all about spreading telecom costs across the responsible departments, locations, etc. And you can granulize one invoice to 1% of the total cost.