Leveling the Telecom Playing Field

It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for another TEM resources from our team! Today Nancy Peckham, CEO and Founder of Valicom, joins us for another video. Nancy discusses her entrepreneurial inspiration, and what market needs drove continuous innovation and service at Valicom.

Divestiture of AT&T’s telecom monopoly ended in 1984, almost 30 years ago. The disruption left organizations poised to choose the most competitive telecom vendors for their needs, which allowed them to better control their costs. In the meantime, new technology has rocketed us into a wireless world – our businesses are now fueled by cell phones, tablets, and air cards. With more choices available, and added complexity from data and wireless environment, business are still struggling to gain a handle on their monthly telecom costs. That’s where our team of telecom expense management experts comes in.

Valicom’s goal has always been leveling the playing field between our customers and their telecom vendors. We do this by providing clarity into telecom spend, and offering innovative solutions for controlling these costs through our web-based tool, and professionally managed services.

Innovation and enduring connections are just a few of Valicom’s values. Watch the full video for all our values, and learn what principals guide daily interactions with our clients what drives us to address their telecom needs.