BYOD: The Future of Mobile Devices at the Office

When it comes to telecom expense management, BYOD can look a lot like an iceberg. Somewhat small and unassuming above water, but absolutely massive and destructive under the surface. Given the need for mobile technology in the workplace (and beyond), BYOD has become a force we can no longer ignore. What are the implications of BYOD? From a finances to security, BYOD comes with risks that cannot be taken lightly.

North America is predicted to be the largest market in terms of BYOD adoption, with Europe and Asia not far behind. So who’s currently using BYOD? Gartner found that organizations most likely to utilize BYOD have $500 million to $5B in revenue, and 2,500 – 5,000 employees.

First, let’s cover the current and forecasted landscape of BYOD, the types of programs being offered, and the biggest BYOD risks.

BYOD Facts

  • Current BYOD Market: $71.93 billion
  • Forecasted 5-Year Growth: $266.17 billion
  • Average monthly reimbursement: $45 / device
  • Forecasted monthly reimbursement: $30 / device

Types of Devices being offered in BYOD Programs

Tablets – Most organizations allow the devices, but only a few are reimbursing employees for usage.

Smartphones – Partial reimbursement of smartphone devices and plans is typical.

PC programs – The use of a secondary PC at the office, very rarely reimbursed by the organization.

“Bring any technology” – a program that allows general stipends or reimbursements for the user’s choice of device(s).


Data leakage – the cloud and sharing information between applications becomes the top source of data leakage for devices.

Support – additional support needed to assist in set up and usage of the devices.

Unsecure Wifi – Some devices are set up to search for and connect to unsecured wireless connections automatically. This leaves the device user open to their usage being tracked or monitored.

Lost or Stolen Devices – Poses the biggest risk to an organization. Some organizations have designed ways to remotely wipe any corporate data, such as email and contacts, from a lost device.

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