Partnering for TEM: Expanding Your Portfolio

Your clients trust you as their advisor, to recommend services and tools that will help save them time and money. They lean on you for expertise and efficiency, and to fill the gaps that they cannot manage internally.

Here’s a major opportunity for savings that consultants often uncover – telecom expense management. Did you know that approximately to 35% of telecom invoices have some kind of error on them? In 23 years of doing business, we’ve found that firms are often wasting between 15-40% of their annual telecom budget. Most of the time without even noticing these errors. In some cases, this can mean millions of dollars spent unnecessarily (see a few examples in our case study library).

Happy clients are the best ones, right? How would your client feel about having that 15-40% back in their pockets? We’d be willing to bet that they’d be singing your praises. What your client needs is telecom expense management (TEM), and it’s something you can provide them.

Expand your service portfolio with Valicom’s partner program, and add recurring revenue to your bottom line while maintaining your independence.

How does it work?