What goes into a wireless audit?

There are several excellent ways firms can save on their wireless expenses by contracting a wireless expense management firm or consultant to audit their environment.  Valicom offers wireless mobility audits, in addition to our wireline services.

Some things an auditor looks for while conducting an audit are:

  • Overage Charges
  • Unused (Zero Usage) Devices
  • Optimization of Plan Minutes
  • Wireless Cramming
  • Text Plan Optimization
  • Data Plan Optimization
  • Missing or incorrect discounts
  • Alternate plans, like Standby/Pay or Association and Government discounts
  • Group Purchasing
  • Seasonal usage
  • Unpublicized Features
  • Tax exemptions
  • Suspension of devices

Some or all of these avenues for savings may apply to your environment, but if your internal team doesn’t have the experience to see them, it is a wasted opportunity.  Tapping into a professional Telecom Audit team can increase visibility, reduce risk, and enhance operational efficiency far beyond the cost of the service.

And modern SaaS web-based tools for telecom management can also greatly boost the effectiveness of existing management programs, by aggregating data and improving reporting.  Request a demo of the Clearview TEM platform to see how.