Finding Your TEM Solution: To the cloud!

To the cloud for telecom expense management!

It seems we’ve all moved to the cloud in the last 5 years. Whether it’s servers, data storage, software… you name it – we’ve put it up there. We’re all floating on cloud 9 with the functionality of cloud computing, but what exactly does it mean?

The proverbial ‘cloud’ is simply a single place where we can store things that can be accessed any time and any place via the internet. The cloud allows us to be incredible agile and mobile. Which is where Software as a Service (SaaS) comes into play.

SaaS is software that you can access via the internet, rather than downloading or installing directly to your computer. Rather, enjoy access to your account via an internet browser. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, or logging in beachside in Bora Bora, the software is always available.

IT Managers love SaaS because there’s never any updating for them to do, software updates happen automatically by the software developers (Microsoft, Salesforce, etc). CFOs love SaaS because annual subscriptions because it means less overhead costs and waste for unused licenses. SaaS means no downtime, or added expenses for your organization… doesn’t that sound like heaven?

We put together a great Slideshare presentation about the benefits of SaaS. Access “Make TEM Easier with SaaS – Seeing clearer with Clearview”.

Is a SaaS telecom expense management tool right for your organization? Take a quick tour of Clearview to discover TEM SaaS tool can offer your. Request a demo today.