Hospitality: Telecom Case Study

With 23 years of TEM know-how under our belts, we have racked up a success story or two. Sometimes it takes seeing a story to really understand exactly what we do for our clients. The following is an outline of a case study where, when faced with a $15M over expenditure, this hospitality client decided it was time to control their WAN inventory and costs.

Quick Facts

Industry: Hospitality
Annual Telecom Spend: Exceeding $25M
Services & Savings:

WAN inventory: $1.2M

Cost Allocation: $5M+

Total Savings: $6.2M and counting!

The client’s initial focus was their WAN inventory and accounts. After a detailed inventory was created to gain visibility into what was being spent, and where, our team moved on to find larger savings (to the tune of $5M) through better cost allocation. The client maintains their own invoicing through our web-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) tool Clearview. Read all of the details in the full case study.