Wireless Optimization: Why It Matters

With the expanding complexity of telecom, there is an ever growing push to integrate cost allocation into expense management. Managers want to know who pays for telecom services and how much they pay, so that they can make intelligent decisions. IT and finance both want deeper visibility into what is driving costs, and hopefully, insight as to how the environment can be restructured to minimize the impact to the bottom line.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Telecom cost allocation can be done internally, even made easier by utilizing a modern web-based TEM software tool, but many firms still opt to outsource the task for a number of reasons.

  • More Efficient: Someone who does bill analysis and cost allocation all day, every day, can do it faster and more accurately than someone who does it infrequently and isn’t trained for the task. It also frees up internal staff to focus on the higher value work they already do well.
  • More Detail: Invoices come chock full of information, but much of it is often ignored. When cost allocation is outsourced to a TEM firm, the level of detail gleaned from bills can be extremely specific, much more so than if internal staff time was being allocated to perform the same task.
  • More Savings: Usually with an outsourced solution, the team is also auditing the invoice. By using professionals that know what to look for, it leads to higher savings and better recommendations.

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