Telecom Contract Negotiation: Mind Your Terms & Conditions

When conducting telecom contract negotiations, large businesses know and expect to scrutinize all areas of those contracts prior to signing them.  They not only review the contracts for pricing negotiation, but also for terms and conditions negotiation. 

The latter, the so called “T’s and C’s”, are what we often see small and medium size businesses overlook.  Whether you feel it’s unimportant, or that the contract value is too small, you still have the opportunity to scrutinize this verbiage, and it can often be in your best interest.

Next time you review a vendor contract, evaluate those terms and conditions, and look for areas that are too far one-sided and benefit only the vendor.  Then attempt to request some changes or redline the document.  This can be helpful in many areas that can truly affect your business, such as termination penalties, minimum commitment levels, and pricing stabilization for new services down the line. 

There’s no harm in making an effort to further protect your company by negotiating these areas, and the worst that can happen is they say “No”.  But you’ll be surprised at how often they’ll actually work with you on these changes, providing you with an overall more successfully negotiated contract.