Wireless Telecom Invoice auditing Tips

Last post we talked about wireline, and this time we will discuss wireless invoice auditing.  There is a difference in what you need to look for, so we separated them to make it easier to know where to focus.

Wireless Invoice Auditing – Cursory Audit Items

Here is what you need to be looking for on mobile & cell invoices.  Clearview makes this a lot easier, as it automatically flags a lot of these items.  (Get a Demo to see how)

  • Voice, data & text overages
  • Picture messaging
  • 3rd party charges (ring tones, games & TV subscriptions)
  • Insurance charges
  • International charges
  • Excessive directory assistance charges
  • Early termination fees
  • Wireless Invoice Auditing – Comprehensive Audit Items

This is something you can do yourself, if you have telecom analysts on staff, otherwise you might want to partner with a telecom expense management firm (like Valicom) to help.

  • Plan optimization for pooling, pay-as-you-go, MBs
  • User optimization
  • Contract compliance
  • Contract audit & review
  • Services analysis
  • RFP & contract negotiation