Telecom Invoice Processing Delivers Phone Bill Consolidation

Telecom invoices are scary.  They may be wrong.  They may be late.  Most alarmingly, they can be HUGE!

Huge not only in dollar value, but in sheer volume.  Some firms have complex telecom environments including many locations, multiple vendors, and various services ranging from mobile to WAN.   This can mean a lot of paper coming in, a responsibility that may make you want to hide in your office and pretend like you’re on vacation.  For a year.

So one popular service TEM firms can offer an overworked (and possibly hiding) telecom manager is bill consolidation.  Experienced telecom auditors can much more easily parse the mountain of data coming in and determine how to best shrink the beast.  140 pages of invoice can be translated into 10.  Granted, it isn’t always that tidy, but you get the idea.

This minimization and organization delivers visibility.  With less to review, it is far easier to get a handle on what is going on, leading to smarter business decisions. As we like to say – when you see, you save – and this is a good example.  By reducing the complexity of the billing, things become that much easier to manage.

Want to learn more about how telecom invoice processing services can offer bill consolidation?   Request a demo of Clearview and we’ll show you how it works, whether you want to run your TEM in house or outsource it.