How Does Telecom Invoice Processing Work?

A popular service TEM firms offer is telecom invoice processing, but many clients don’t quite understand WHAT it is or HOW it works.  What they do understand is that phone bills are a pain in the neck.

To best answer the question, let’s start with software.  The key to telecom invoice processing is getting rid of the paper and moving to pixels.  When we do telecom invoice processing for a client, we have all the invoices sent directly to us. We then enter all the invoice data into Clearview, our web-based telecom expense management software tool.  The data goes in one of two ways.  If the vendor offers electronic invoice data, it is imported that way, eliminating manual data input.  However, if they only offer paper, that is how it is done – by hand.

The good news is that, once the information is in the system, the telecom invoices are available for viewing in a number of ways – including PDF for printing – and the data can be searched and queried.  This process offers deep visibility into what is going on with the telecom environment, allowing detailed reporting and opening up the option for things like cost allocation and GL coding of expenses.  These are things that Valicom can do, or you can do it yourself via Clearview.

Then the invoices can be audited for accuracy, and paid, sending a payment data feed directly to the client’s accounting system. Valicom offers a la carte services both to audit the invoices, and to pay them, eliminating the need for your Accounting department to keep track of that.

To get a better idea of how this works, check out the work flow.  Want to find out more?  Request a demo to find out how Clearview adapts to your particular telecom invoice processing needs.