Best Practices in Telecom Inventory Management

As mentioned in our previous post on wireless, inventory management is critical to keeping a lid on your telecom costs.  The trick is knowing WHAT to manage.  And until the landline telephone goes away, they are still a headache.  Here are some best practices we’ve found from twenty years of fixed wireline expense management….

Telecom Inventory Management Tips

  • Identify and track at the line/circuit level
  • Tie to location(s) at line/circuit level
  • Monitor individual line/circuit contract status
  • Keep service dates accurate
  • Additional key data points to track:
    • Service types
    • Attributes (monthly recurring charges)
    • Features
    • Purpose

Now that you know what to do, you need a place to keep all this data.  Spreadsheets work, but they are pretty 1995,  so we would suggest you check out a demo of Clearview, our web-based telecom management software.

Want a bigger picture on the benefits of inventory management for IT, telecom and finance?   Check out our brief on “Why Telecom Inventory Management matters”.