Why Telecom Inventory Management Matters

The old adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” starts with inventory. Tracking phones, devices, circuits and assets is the starting point for gaining control over expenses. There is no way to know what the telecom costs should be if the data isn’t there on what the costs cover. And as the telecom environment expands with mobile devices and smartphones, or companies grow through mergers and acquisitions, keeping track gets even more complicated.

Benefits to IT + Telecom Managers

  • Gain real-time visibility into asset and device allocation within the company.
  • Identify items by device type, owner, carrier and contract date.
  • Store voice, wireless and data inventory information online, securely in one place.
  • Track trends and compare department or location usage and expenses over time.

Benefits to Finance Managers

  • Tie inventory to cost centers down to the detailed line level, to improve accountability.
  • Enable better forecasting and budgeting with accurate real-time inventory data.
  • Identify and eliminate no use assets or users, cutting those costs from the bottom line.
  • Access detailed reports on costs, trends, comparisons and renewal dates.

Advantages of TEM Software for Telecom Inventory Management

Telecom inventory management can be done by hand, in spreadsheets, or in a home-grown database or software program. But smart telecom managers gain more control by utilizing modern web-based TEM software tools.

More Accessibility: Storing voice, wireless and data information in the cloud means that users in different departments, even different countries, can collaborate together. Internal teams can also easily enlist outside professional service providers like Valicom to perform some tasks, with the results visible to all parties.

More Accuracy: With a real-time, online asset management tool it is easier to keep the environment updated long term. Gone are the days of building an inventory only to see it fall out of date almost immediately.

More Features: Software designed specifically to track voice, wireless and data environments offers access to specific tools. Tracking device type, plan type, user and department, start and end dates, contract terms and open and closed issues become easy. Included reports and dashboards make it simple to stay informed.

Telecom Inventory Management and Outsourcing

In addition to using software to track inventory over time, some firms want help initially building and verifying their environment. Doing the discovery into how many devices, plans, circuits and lines are actually under contract, and in use, can be time consuming and require detailed knowledge that some internal staff may not have. Using professional telecom auditors to order CSRs, verify circuits or POTS line, and identify unused devices can vastly speed up the process.