Valicom Launches Telecom Expense Management Series

23-year veteran of telecom expense management (TEM) Valicom announces the launch of their educational series.  Released on their blog and as downloads on their website, the article series hopes to shed light on the various elements within a strong TEM program.

“We wanted to break down and then explore the wide range of tasks within a telecommunications management program, answering that age old question “Why do I care?” explained Valicom’s Communications Manager Lacinda Athen.

“CIOs, Finance and Telecom Managers sometimes don’t know what to pick when given a TEM services menu, so we wanted to tease out the benefits of the various options.  So much of what we offer now is a la carte.  We feel it helps to know what you gain from implementing each one, so clients can layer them effectively.”

The series, starting today and being rolled out over the next two months, will cover a variety of telecom and mobile management tasks:

  • Telecom Inventory Management
  • Telecom Invoice Processing
  • Telecom Cost Allocation – GL Coding – Chargebacks
  • Telecom Invoice Auditing & Credit Recovery
  • Telecom Bill Pay
  • Telecom RFPs & Contract Negotiation
  • Wireless Optimization

Each “To the Point” article will cover why implementing the TEM tactic matters, and lay out the benefits for finance, telecom and IT managers.  Common TEM packages will bundle a variety of these tactics, often around a TEM software platform, but each firm has a unique telecom situation.  In addition, various divisions inside the company may want to deploy telecom expense management for different reasons.  Knowing which TEM solutions to utilize, and when, can help telecom managers hold down implementation costs and increase ROI.

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