Get Telecom and Wireless Inventory Management Tips from the Pros May 14

Telecom inventory management for enterprise has gone from a headache to a nightmare.  With the rapid expansion of devices and technologies, IT and telecom managers need a proactive approach to overseeing fixed and wireless environments to control cost and reduce risk.  Telecom expense management veteran Valicom will share best practices for handling telecom inventory in a new webinar Telecom & Wireless Inventory Management: What the Pros Know on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 10 a.m. CST.

Telecom inventory management has always been complex, but the current wide range of devices that qualify as “telecom” demand new tactics.   Cell phones gave way to smartphones, then to tablets, and coming over the horizon are phablets and a huge range of “wearables”.  BYOD (bring your own device) policies further blur the lines between employee-owned and corporate-liable assets, raising a whole host of new concerns.   On top of the growing mobility sector, the challenges of wireline and data inventory management have not gone away.

All this leads to the need for time-tested, professional tactics that produce results.  One pro tip from the webinar is that a good telecom inventory management program doesn’t just track assets and nothing else.  As Jeff Poirior, President and COO of Valicom, stated “Big data has come to telecom expense management.  Modern TEM software makes it easy to capture a wide range of details.  Assets can be assigned to users by name and/or phone number, as well as to departments, locations, and cost centers.  That detailed cost allocation information allows far better visibility into expenses than in the past.  And mobile device data on voice, text and data usage can be tracked, correlated and fed to reports.  The “big picture” is so much bigger now, and allows managers to make smarter business decisions.”

That’s another tip the pros know – good telecom inventory management provides the data for telecom cost control.  Getting a clear picture of what you have helps guide how much to pay, and where your costs are coming from.

  • Does HR share employee data with telecom managers so inventory can be changed when staff is hired and fired?  
  • Can management see when two divisions of similar size are paying wildly different amounts for service? 
  • Is it easy to find low or no use devices?

If the answer to these is no, then it’s time for some new tactics.   Gain best practices and ideas for managing today’s complex telecom environments.  Register for “Telecom & Wireless Inventory Management: What the Pros Know”