2014 Telecom Expense Management Trend #4: The Wave of Wearables

[As a followup to our TEM in 2014: History and Trends webinar (available as a stream or a white paper), we’re offering a series of posts covering telecom expense management – where it came from, where it’s going, and trends for the future.]

The technology world is seeing a massive explosion of wearable new toys, all wirelessly connected.  The floor at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was swimming with them – all racing to market to capture early tech adopters.  Smartwatches and Google Glasses are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a veritable avalanche of gadgetry heading your way.

The impact to business won’t so much be hardware costs, we don’t anticipate a BYOFB (Bring Your own FitBit) trend, but it does demand scrutiny in the security and policy department.  Your employees may already own these devices, and what are the ramifications when they bring them to the office?  It is worth considering, for a variety of reasons…

These devices are consumer oriented and often pack heavy computing power in a very small package.  What capability do they have to take photos, copy or transmit data, or deliver malware to your network?  Before you let them in the door, you need a policy in place to control use, manage connectivity and assess the possibility of fraud and damage.

This issue becomes more critical if the workplace is a secure environment.  Measure your tactics against what needs protecting.  Firms in biotech, government, aerospace or other secure R&D facilities need to think about various scenarios and how to safeguard against a breach.

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