Valicom Reports High 4th Quarter Client Satisfaction Scores

Valicom’s telecom expense management (TEM) clients reported continued high satisfaction scores for the fourth quarter of 2013.   Since 2000, we have been surveying clients to learn how satisfied they are in eight key areas: professionalism, overall expectation, communication, quality and accuracy, understanding client needs, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, and overall value.  The combined client satisfaction scores for the 4th quarter, and the average for all of 2013, were 3.93 on a 4.0 scale.

Our founder and CEO Nancy Peckham stated “We have always strived to be a values-based organization.  Those values, like authenticity, innovation and passion, along with ‘building enduring connections’ and ‘creating memorable experiences’ really drive our customer satisfaction.  We empower our staff to do what it takes to ensure we not only meet, but exceed what is on that contract.  A lot of firms say that, but these strong client satisfaction scores show that we deliver. I’m really proud of our team for that.”

Some client comments from the survey that showcase what they value most about Valicom:

  • “Your staff is a pleasure to work with, they go the extra mile when we need assistance with information or reports”
  •  “Fast response time, and your thorough understanding of the processes and our needs.”
  • “Your management of expenses and knowledge of what is going on in the market place.”
  • “Peace of mind that our telecom spend is being reviewed on a regular basis by someone that is knowledgeable and incented to look for issues.”

We also work to boost satisfaction by building customized telecom expense management packages that pair traditional TEM services like invoice auditing, inventory management and contract negotiation with our Clearview  TEM software.  Valicom President and COO Jeff Poirior says he feels this increases client retention because “The days of the “one size fits all” TEM solution are over.  Our clients want services tailored to their needs, and we like to provide that.  It not only increases ROI, but our flexibility means they get what they want, when they want it.  Who wouldn’t be happy with that!”