Apple’s Universal SIM Card – What it means for EMM

With all of the hype and excitement of the iPhone 6 (and 6+) there was one little iPad feature that didn’t quite get the attention it deserved. Really, this feature is potentially a game changer when it comes to the wireless industry, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other tablet manufactures being following suit, and quickly.

The Universal SIM. So what is it, what does it mean, and what implications does it have on your enterprise mobility management?

What is it: Every smart phone has a SIM card, it is a little card inserted into your phone that identifies you, and lets your carrier know what services you are subscribed to.

What it means: The Universal SIM means individuals can change their carriers and plans on the fly. Traveling internationally this week? Switch over to your international carrier. Want data from one carrier, and voice / text services from another? No problem. Right now, users with Universal SIMs can interchange from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint plans.

How it will impact your EMM: Mobile and data plans are now more flexible than ever. But who’s paying for what, and how? How will we be billed for swapping carriers, and who will keep track of it? Unfortunately, there are more questions than answer at this point.

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