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Last week we had a great turnout for our webinar “Unlock Savings: Finding Telecom Inefficiencies”. The webinar was designed to assist in streamlining TEM processes for in-house telecom managers and telecom business consultants.

We covered commonly overlooked areas for efficiency and pain points in telecom expense management, and how they create savings opportunities for in-house and consultants. Read the full webinar description below, then register to watch the webinar recording.

Unlock Savings: Finding Telecom Inefficiencies

Take the keys to savings. Join Valicom, a twenty-three year veteran of telecom expense management, as they lay out commonly missed opportunities for savings in your TEM processes.

From better cost allocation across departments, to rock solid contract negotiation, there are many opportunities for savings in your current telecom processes. Learn to identify and take action on those opportunities in this webinar.

Case studies along the way illustrate how clients trust us as their go-to telecom resource. Whether for RFP management, inventory management, or invoice processing, Valicom aims to save our clients time and money. Or maybe you’re more of a hands-on telecom manager….we will also briefly touch on adding the right tools to your arsenal for more efficient processes. If you’re ready to take a stronger, more proactive stance on managing your telecom spend, this 30-minute webinar is just for you.