Good Morning Monday! Did you know we host webinars? Yes! Get all of your IT cost control know-how in one place, take a peek in our webinar library.

From better cost allocation across departments, to rock solid contract negotiation, there are many opportunities for savings in your current telecom processes. Learn to identify and take action on those opportunities in our webinars.

Here are a few of our favorite past webinars

Plugging the Leak: Valicom discusses key areas to address when building a solid telecom cost control program, then showcases how web-based software tools make these tasks easier. Learn tricks to save you time and create a deeper visibility into your inventory and costs, allowing you to  make more informed financial decisions.

TEM Trends that Will Affect your Telecom Budget: Explore the current industry landscape, how it is changing, and the discover the trends that will impact your telecom environment in the coming year. From BYOD to wireline, from industry insider predictions to tried and true best practices, stay tuned to find out what’s changed and what stays the same.

Stay tuned!

We’re hosting another live webinar next month. Join us October 22nd, for our “Unlock Savings: Finding Telecom Inefficiencies” webinar.