Scary Tales of TEM!

TEM can be a scary thing, especially when costs get out of control. But fear not! Valicom is here to shed some light on some creepy telecom situations.

Today we share a few ghoulish stories of telecom expense management gone scarily wrong, and our team’s solution. Our team of TEM detectives swoops in to save the day and solve these creepy mysteries. Zoinks!

The mysterious abandoned building

It was a cold and windy night when the healthcare organization discovered a mysterious invoice with mysterious unknown charges. They quickly hired a group of detectives to take a look at their wireless expenses and discover what they needed to do to reduce their telecom costs. These detectives, a group of professional telecom expense management experts, further revealed these mysterious, unknown costs coming from an abandoned building. The next step in the investigation was to go to the source of the problem.

The moon was shining and the wolves were howling, it felt like nothing short of a horror story. Valicom entered the abandoned building, making their way through spider webs and walking over creaky floor boards into what looked like an old healthcare facility. That’s when they saw it. There were 50 phone lines not being used but still being payed for! EEEK! This is when Valicom’s healthcare client realized the abandoned building is where they used to be located, 12 years ago. The healthcare client had been paying for 50 phone lines for 12 years without realizing  it… now that’s scary!

Even with the rushing adrenalin from such a scary situation Valicom was able to take control, and contact the vendors for credits.

Chop Chop! A partner cut what in two?

Long ago, in the year of 2011, a telecom agent approached Valicom to explain the horror that was yet to come. The telecom agent had two big, harry, scary, clients who he felt was going to slay him if he did not pick up his game. He already offered them Halloween candy but that wasn’t enough. He needed to pick up his game or he would be doomed for life!

Valicom told the telecom agent that they had just the right potion for him. The ingredients entailed white labeled software, invoice uploading, feed reporting capabilities, and cost allocation functionality. The telecom agent feeling relieved, headed out in to the darkness of the night to present this new potion to his intimidating clients.

After trenching through swampy ground, dodging bats and alligators, he arrived at the city in which his clients lived. He presented the potion to his first client. The client took the potion from his hand and gave it a sniff. The smell was quite inviting so he agreed to give it a try. Positive results were seen right away and after three years the telecom agent was providing his new potion to over 1,900 locations!

He then presented his new potion to his second client. The client eyed it up and down, brought it to his office to inspect the potion to make sure it was legit, gave a grunt and smiled. He bought many bottles of the potion from the telecom agent. That’s when, CHOP! The telecom agent cut client number 2’s telecom costs by 48% in just two years!

Thanks to Valicom’s magic telecom potion the telecom agent’s became Valicom’s partner and his horror story was now over. He loves the telecom expense management services he now has to offer and add to his portfolio. What a great day!