Tips for Using your Mobile Device Overseas

Before you go! Here are a few tips and tricks for saving money while using your mobile device when you’re traveling internationally.Today’s post is all about easing the pain international mobile device usage. Preparing for traveling oversees with your mobile device might seem more work than it’s worth. But when there’s business to attend to, it’s just not an option to travel without your device.

Here are a few tips for keeping your wireless costs under control while traveling overseas:

Call your provider

Decide if you’ll need minutes and data while your overseas, or if apps and Wi-Fi can be your solution. Some carriers might offer rentals at your destination, and most will have additional plan for international calls and data.

Power Pack

Be sure to bring a converter for your device’s power cord. Another gadget we love? These power packs and cases. Whether you’re iPhone or Android – there’s a power pack option for you.

Turn off Sync

Your phone is working just about all the time. Sync preferences buried deep in your phone settings could be telling your device to ping your email server every 15 minutes to check for new messages. Turn off auto sync and enjoy lower data and battery usage.


Become a Wi-Fi hero. Use an app like Free Wi-Fi Finder, to find hotspots and conserve your data.

Apps to Download Before You Go

Download one of these Wi-fi powered communication apps. Some of the video, sms messaging and voice apps we love: Skype, WhatsApp, Yo, WeChat.

Maybe it’s time to choose a larger solution for your mobile device management, usage and international plans at your organization. We can help you optimize your wireless environment to reduce monthly costs. Consult with our telecom experts to determine your organization’s actual usage and needs when it comes to wireless.

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