TEM 101: 3 Signs It's Time for TEM

How do you know when it’s time for TEM?

Sometimes it’s easy to let a little problem get bigger and worse, instead of implementing a solution to stop the snowballing. We encountered a chicken-and-egg telecom budgeting situation from a potential client, just last week.

I fielded a call that went something like this…

Potential Client: We are interested in outsourcing our TEM, we are hemorrhaging money on our telecom environment. We’re having a hard time pinning down what is actually the problem, or how much we’re really spending.

Valicom: Sure thing, there are several of options that might be right for you, depending on your needs. Tell me more about the situation, so I can guide the conversation to your current situation.

Potential Client: It’s really a back burner item right now. We are currently focused on our 2015 budget.

Valicom: It’s actually a great point to add TEM services to your business processes. Something that we can help with right now is performing cursory inventory and invoice audit. It will help you budget better for 2015, and free up some of your telecom budget, which can be spent in other places.

See the problem here? 

The potential client knew there was an issue with their telecom environment, but was not willing to take action. Sadly, this decision will only prolong and perpetuate the root of the issue. Their 2015 budget will include a larger than necessary telecom budget, money that could be allocated elsewhere. With Valicom’s assistance, our clients gain insight and transparency into their telecom spend – allowing them to budget accurately and recoup funds from errors and unnecessary line items.

The best time to consider telecom expense management is that moment that you realize your costs are exceeding your budget. Nip the over-expenditure in the bud, before it’s too far gone, or too much money has already been spent.

Here’s a few other indications that it’s time to consider TEM services: