Valicom Offers Webinar: Telecom Expense Management in 2014: History, Tools & Trends

With the lightning pace of technological advancement, and the spread of BYOD and mobile management challenges, the telecom expense management landscape keeps getting more complicated.   Telecom managers, CFOs, COOs and CEOs all need to keep up, both on technology and on trends, to know what is coming down the road that might impact their business.

To answer some of these questions, and give a solid overview of where the industry stands, and where it is headed, twenty-three year telecom expense management veteran Valicom announces a webinar “Telecom Expense Management 2014: History, Tools & Trends”.

Valicom President and COO Jeff Poirior will lay out the current industry landscape, how it is changing, and the impact on telecom management practices. According to Mr. Poirior, “Things are getting more complex every day.  With the continued explosion of mobile, and the security issues surrounding BYOD, having visibility and control over corporate communications is critical.  We hope to offer some insight into what businesses need to know in order to control their expenses”

The webinar will discuss the evolution of telecommunications management and the challenges facing today’s telecom manager.  “Telecom Expense Management 2014: History, Tools & Trends” will be held Wednesday, February 5 2014 at 10 a.m. CST.