Valicom Relocates Office to New Madison Area Facility

Founded in 1991, telecom expense management firm Valicom has weathered the changes, consolidations, technological expansion and increasing complexity of the telecom industry to grow and thrive.  Effective July 15, they have relocated to an updated facility in the Madison, Wisconsin suburb of Fitchburg.

In announcing the move, CEO and Founder Nancy Peckham said “We love being in the Madison area, with access to a highly educated, technical work force and all the perks of one of America’s most livable cities.  It was just time for a fresh space to accommodate our future growth, as we’ve been expanding in our current headquarters since 1996.”

President Jeff Poirior agreed, stating “The new facility is in direct alignment with our strategic growth plans; while improving our tactical daily operations.  We believe the environment we work in is a direct reflection on our ability to consistently provide the outstanding service that our clients and partners have grown to expect.”

The new address is 2923 Marketplace Drive, Suite 104, Fitchburg, WI 53719.   All telephone numbers will remain the same.  The website address is

The new facility offers a more modern layout, and updated staff amenities, creating an improved work space for Valicom’s telecom audit teams, technology personnel and senior staff. In keeping with Valicom’s green initiatives, the new space is still adjacent to Madison’s Southwest Bike Path, to encourage alternate transportation.  And employees are still able to telecommute part of their week, as appropriate, further cutting the impact of staff driving to the office.

To learn more about Valicom’s telecom expense management solutions, request a discussion and short demo of the Clearview TEM platform.