New Case Study: Telecom Expense Management Eliminates Wireline Waste

Wireless expenses may be the stuff of telecom manager nightmares, but wireline costs remain an expensive skeleton in the closet.  Valicomfinds that its clients are wasting between 10 and 30 percent of their annual wireline budgets.  Unnecessary business lines, unused circuits and illegitimate third-party charges mean many firms are overpaying for services, often for many years.

Today Valicom released a case study, showcasing how a mid-market client saved 10% through a skillful application of telecom expense management software and professional services.  The client came to Valicom in need of a tool to better track and report upon their inventory.   They knew they were overpaying for services, but needed a way to identify, review, and remove the unnecessary assets.

Via a collaborative team of client staff and Valicom Project Managers and Telecom Analysts, the inventory was surveyed, entered into the software tool, and all invoices were scanned and archived for review.  Client personnel were trained on utilizing the software for inventory management and reporting, with custom reports built to serve the client’s specific needs.  Then Valicom auditors helped identify, and obtain credit, for over thirty illegitimate third party charges.

Valicom President and COO, Jeff Poirior, commenting on the case study, said “We love being able to share client success stories, as it helps other firms understand just how TEM works.  It also illustrates that it doesn’t have to be hard.  The marriage of good people, and a good platform like Clearview, can produce consistent, replicable results.  Results that positively impact our clients’ bottom lines.”

Valicom has offered voice, wireless and data management services since 1991.  To read the full case study, request a copy now.  To learn more about Valicom’s telecom expense management software Clearview and professional service suite, request a short live demo.