If video is 50% of traffic – What are your employees watching?

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam recently stated that 50 percent of their wireless traffic is for video consumption. He expects this to grow to 66 percent by 2017.

With the death of the unlimited data plan, those kinds of numbers can take a toll on your wireless data bill if you don’t have a handle on what your employees are doing with their phones.  As we’ve long said, the old business nugget “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” really does apply to telecom cost control.   If you don’t know what your actual data usage is, and who is using that data – and for what – you can’t make intelligent decisions.

Now granted, most business employees probably aren’t watching a lot of video on a tiny smartphone screen.  But as iPads and other tablets come into the mix, and more television and cable channels make it easy to stream content, the situation is changing.   The options are rapidly expanding beyond cute cats, giggling toddlers or flashmob videos on YouTube.  Based on that, it isn’t a stretch to think that someone might sneak a peek at their alma mater’s March Madness showdown or stream a missed episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Thanks to these changes, and faster internet speeds like LTE, , the need to get a handle on wireless data usage gets even more critical.  Need some help?   Download our recent white paper “Top 4 Tips to Manage Wireless Costs” and read the full article on what Verizon’s CEO had to say about streaming video.