Tracking telecom inventory changes

We are continuing our series discussing how telecom management software streamlines telecom management tasks.

Now some of you may have thought, while we discussed telecom invoice auditing, processing and payment in our last post, “Hey – What about changes?“  Good question.

Telecom management software has to have a robust tracking mechanism for changes as buildings open and close, personnel get hired or fired, and devices get retired and replaced.  Otherwise, any telecom inventory management program you may have in place will get derailed pretty fast.  Telecom inventory is not something static, but rather a fluid environment that is ever changing as the image below well illustrates.

A good telecom inventory and expense management software has various places that changes can be recorded, from ordering new handsets, to canceling lines or data plans.   This ensures you have an accurate historical record for everything you own, allowing proper record-keeping and reporting.  This is critical whether you want an accurate telecom inventory right now, or a way to track changes over time.  The data should be simple to enter, update, and query.  Software doesn’t do you any good if it isn’t designed to make things easier….

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