Valicom Releases White Paper: “Top 4 Tips to Manage Business Wireless Costs”

Valicom released a new white paper today titled “Top 4 Tips to Manage Business Wireless Costs”. Recommended for anyone responsible for corporate mobile and wireless management, and seeking best practices in wireless expense reduction and cost control, the paper can be accessed from the Valicom telecom expense management white paper library.

Founded in 1991, Valicom offers Clearview, a web-based telecom expense management software, and managed services for both wireline and wireless environments. Their new white paper covers best practices in managing costs for corporate mobility, a growing need in the marketplace.

Valicom President Jeff Poirior states, “Companies are experiencing an explosion of wireless devices and mobile expenses are skyrocketing. Managing voice and data plans, wireless invoice auditing and wireless plan optimization all combine to make wireless expense management an enormous task.”

He continued, “This leaves many telecom managers not knowing where to begin to get a handle on costs, so we put four strong ideas down on paper to get them started.”

An excerpt from the paper reads… “It’s no surprise that the top thing on most telecom managers’ minds these days is mobile. It seems that wireless keeps getting more and more complicated, as tablets and next-generation smartphones keep piling up, and the number of devices each employee has expands. Throw in things like minute pooling, data pooling, and carrier contract negotiation and the complexity grows. So whether you are currently implementing, or avoiding, BYOD (bring-your-own-device), it doesn’t hurt to have a few strong ideas of how to control wireless costs.”