Telecom management software and reporting

We are concluding our series discussing how telecom management software streamlines telecom management tasks.

Last but not least, any telecom expense management software worth its weight in kilobytes should offer lots of reporting.  As they say, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.  And the beauty of all your telecom and wireless data being integrated in one system is that it allows you to look at it from many different angles.  Look at inventory cross-referenced by user, cost center or account.  See trending data by cost center, location, or inventory type.  Request information about various timeframes.   Most softwares come standard with a wide variety reports and the firm can usually design very specific custom reports, based on parameters you provide.

And note that different users can have access to different reports.   There is also a Dashboard feature that allows each user to select the information most useful to them, and have it accessible in a variety of visual formats.   By clicking the image, it allows a deep dive into the report behind the graph.  Often clients that have outsourced most of the actual day-to-day telecom management tasks to a vendor partner like Valicom still utilize reports and dashboards to keep tabs on operations.