BYOD Market worth $181 Billion by 2017: But does it cut costs?

Market to Market just released a report noting that the BYOD and mobile management arena will be worth $181.39 by 2017.  This (impressive) figure includes all areas of mobile and telecom management for enterprise.  The upward growth curve is huge, coming from just $67 billion 2011, and the majority comes from North America with 36.10% of the overall managed BYOD & Enterprise Mobility Market in 2011 at $24.26 billion; expected to reach $58.60 billion.

The driving force behind the growth is that enterprises are going mobile and they need to be in touch with their mobile workforce anytime, anywhere.  Telecom and mobile expense management is an important part of dealing with the pressures, risks and realities of this new workforce. As enterprises spend more money and time managing employee demands to use and be supported on their own personal devices, the need for professional services will increase.   Especially if they want to control costs.

As noted in a recent paper on BYOD Do’s and Don’ts by TEMIA, the telecom expense management industry association, most enterprises implement BYOD with the goal of saving money.  But many respondents to the survey behind the white paper stated that costs went UP instead of down after implementing BYOD.  For many, costs stayed roughly the same, but it was stated later that this is often because they had no way to measure the impact of the implementation.

Read more, download White Paper:  “BYOD Do’s and Don’ts”

This paper showcases research done by TEMIA on BYOD adoption, practices and considerations.  Download Now.