Telecom & Wireless Management: Data Loading

As we discussed in our blog post on telecom expense management software, which is Pain Point #1 – everyone seems to want online tools these days.   But the pain that rapidly comes after you get the software is the realization that someone has to put all the information in there before it becomes useful.  Enter “Data Loading”.

And when we say data loading, we are usually talking about telecom and wireless invoice data.  However, it can also mean populating inventories in the software too, but whatever it is, most people don’t have the time, or the desire, to do it themselves.

Telecom invoice data can be loaded two ways.  Carriers often offer electronic invoice data, so the first option is just a matter of building the pathway to upload that data into the software.  That usually isn’t the one that makes you want to shoot your computer in the face.   The task that makes people want to jump out their office window is the manual data entry of pulling info from paper invoices.   Paper invoice data needs to be entered into the proper fields, then a scanned PDF copy of the invoice uploaded so it can be viewed in its original form when needed.

So you can see why Data Loading is a pain point that begs for a service to solve it, and Valicom offers one.