Telecom & Wireless Management: Contract Negotiation

When it comes to pain points, contract negotiation is a big one.  And if you learn nothing else from this series of posts, know this…

Telecom Contract Negotiation is the #1 way
to save money on telecom services!

It’s easy to see that when you remember the telecom vendors are in business to make money.  YOUR money.In other words, they are good at this, and maybe you aren’t.

So either get someone experienced to the negotiating table with you, or at least put a game plan in place so you have the time and the information to make an informed decision.  Here is where to start:

  • Develop and utilize a solid RFP template
  • Allow appropriate time prior to existing agreement expiration for response and review
  • Understand what you can/should get through benchmarking & competitive analysis
  • Compare apples-to-apples with a solid response matrix
  • Negotiate both prices and terms
  • Do a good post contract validation – make sure that “What you negotiated, You got.”

These simple steps can help you prepare for a telecom contract negotiation.  Or feel free to work with a telecom expense management firm.  Find a partner that can step in as often, or as much, as you want during the process.  Whatever you do, the savings you gain – and the pain you avoid – will be well worth the effort!

Want more information? Download the White Paper: “Telecom & Wireless Cost Control: What You Need To Know”