Telecom & Wireless Management: We need software!

One of the top things we see in the market is firms searching for software.  And we don’t mean old school Windows 95 type tools, but modern cloud-based subscription software.  They want software, they want it to accessible online – minus the hassles of loading and managing it themselves – and they want it affordable.

However, in addition to the affordable and accessible requirements, they still want it to be full featured, robust and capable.  If its able to handle voice, wireless AND data, that’s even better.  One tool to rule them all.  (pardon the LOTR pun)

And the interesting thing about software is that its kind of a gateway drug.  Firms may know they need software to manage their invoices, inventory and procurement, but then they realize all the other services they can access THROUGH the software. 

Valicom offers our entire suite of managed professional services a la carte.  So if you want to use the tool to manage 90% of your telecom situation, but need help for that last 10%, we’re here.  Whether it’s data loading, invoice auditing or contract negotiation, we can build a custom solution to address it.   And we’ll get to that as we go over the other pain points.  Because Software may be #1, but its only the tip of the iceberg.  Stay tuned…..