TEMIA Advocates Term "Telecommunications Management"

Born with the mission to raise awareness, improve the quality and value of solutions and cultivate shared industry knowledge for telecommunications management, telecom expense management (TEM), wireless Expense Management (WEM) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions, The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA), has proposed a new broad umbrella term to describe the industry and invited the members and other market participants to adopt it.

TEMIA members, including Valicom CEO Nancy Peckham, recently gathered to discuss the state of the industry and debated over the selection of a new term that would most appropriately describe the industry in its current state. The meeting was resulted in the coining of a new term: Telecommunications Management.

TEMIA said the new term conveys all the activities enterprises manage as part of overseeing their mobile and fixed telecommunications network.

It includes visibility into communications services, management of connectivity, TEM, WEM, MDM, mobile application management, mobile data synchronization, device security and other activities.

“Adoption of the phrase Telecommunications Management allows TEMIA and its members to better express the diversity of solutions which our members represent with comprehensive and niche solutions, from large and small firms,” according to Joe Basili, Managing Director of TEMIA.

TEMIA is asking its members and market participants to adopt Telecommunications Management and use it on their websites and in sales presentations as a new broad umbrella term to describe the industry. It plans to work with industry analysts to discuss the rationale for the change and ask for them to use it. Adoption of this phrase provides an opportunity for firms to re-position themselves in a more strategic role with clients, and it will enable Solutions Providers to compete in a larger market with more opportunities.